Tax day is a happy day, thanks to Abigail’s Plan

by David Morgan, Lawrence County Executive

If April 15 only makes you think about income taxes and the IRS, let me give you a reason to love the day this year.


For six weeks beginning Monday, April 15, you have a chance to watch the most joy you’ve ever witnessed on a ball field. It’s opening day for Abigail’s Plan Miracle League, whose story speaks volumes about this community’s kindness and generosity.

Lawrence County Circuit Court Clerk Tommy Lee Kidd and his wife Lesa started the league in 2008 to give their daughter Abigail and others with special needs an opportunity to play baseball. There were 11 players, including Abigail.


Sixteen years later there are 138 players from five to 76 years old, including several from Giles, Wayne, and Maury counties and North Alabama. New players added this year called for creation of two new teams, making a total of ten: four for adults and six for youth.


Games are played four nights a week. Adults (including some of those first 11 players) take the field every Monday and Thursday beginning at 5:30 p.m. Youth (divided by age into A, AA, and AAA teams) play Tuesdays and Fridays beginning at 5:15.


In addition to the athletes you will see dozens of volunteers, more than 90 in all, who assist players on and off the field. Members of the Summertown community, Lawrenceburg’s First Baptist Church, and Pulaski Street Church of Christ take turns manning the concession stand and make some of the best fried bologna sandwiches and chicken strips you’ve ever tasted.


The plan for the league has always been simple, said Tommy Lee: “Helping people with special needs and their families, period.”


The plan still works, and the word itself became part of the league’s identity based on Abigail Kidd’s habit of asking her parents “What’s the plan?” When they launched a drive to build a Miracle Field with cushioned, rubberized turf and wheelchair-accessible dugouts, it was named Abigail’s Plan.


Businesses, churches, civic groups, families, and individuals embraced Abigail’s Plan and the fund went from zero to $400,000 in 73 weeks. “We never asked for money,” Tommy Lee said. “We just told the story.” The gorgeous Abigail’s Plan complex at Bobby Brewer Park hosted its first game in 2017.


Support from every part of the community continues, helping cover costs for players, maintain the field, and support construction of all-inclusive playgrounds in north, south, and central Lawrence County. The first playground, a partnership between the Summertown community and Abigail’s Plan (a 50/50 split of $298,000), lacks only surfacing and is expected to open in a month.


How can you support Abigail’s Plan? Watch the games, cheer on the players, and enjoy the concessions. T-shirts bearing the Abigail’s Plan logo were introduced in 2014 and 17,000 have sold so far in support of the cause. They are always on sale at games and other community events including the annual Abigail’s Plan benefit, Bulls & Barrels, set for Saturday, August 24, 2024.


You can also donate at, which features plenty of player photos and videos so you can see exactly what you’re supporting. Of course, the best way to experience the Miracle League is in person.

“We want a big crowd, especially on opening night,” said Tommy Lee. “People love the games and love to see how happy everyone is. You’ll never see anyone arguing over a play or yelling at an umpire. The only thing you’ll see are smiles.”

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